How To Select The Correct Commercial Lawyer For Your Business

How To Select The Correct Commercial Lawyer For Your Business

Regardless of the size of your business, there are going to be a number of elements within it that require you needing legal guidance to ensure that you are operating within the law. This will obviously involve you seeking out the services of an experienced commercial lawyer.

This is something you may have already done, but if you haven’t, given the importance of your commercial lawyer to your business’s welfare, it is crucial that you select the correct one. To help you achieve this here are a few basic guidance as to how you should proceed in order to choose the correct commercial lawyer for your business.

#1 Assess Your Needs

Every business is going to be different in terms of its size, the business sector it is in, and also how likely it might be that it will face any legal challenges. These will need to be considered when choosing a lawyer for your business.

The second thing to consider with regards to your needs is whether you wish to have a general commercial lawyer who is retained on a permanent and ongoing basis, or whether you plan to hire a specialist for each specific legal area. For example, will you need a trademark specialist and a lawyer whose specialisation is contract law, or are you going to pass all your legal work to a single lawyer?

Once you have carefully assessed what the legal needs of your business are going to be, then you can start your research properly, as you now know what kind of commercial lawyer, or lawyers you are looking for.

#2 Seek Out Recommendations And References

You will likely have seen this piece of advice given for just about any kind of selection process, and the reason for that is because it invariably helps you make a better choice. Think of how much quicker your search will be if you have a shortlist of potential commercial lawyer that comes from friends, associates, and other business owners who can vouch for how good any particular lawyer is.

Obviously, you do not simply take someone’s word for it and hire someone on the spot without doing your own checks and carrying out due diligence, but at least it gives you a starting point.

#3 Are They Familiar With Your Business Sector?

Whilst there are many elements of commercial law that apply to all businesses, having a lawyer who has experience of representing companies who operate within your sector will be a huge advantage. It will mean they have an understanding of some of the jargon and terminology which is used, and they will have a greater familiarity with the sorts of legal problems that can occur within that sector.

#4 Consider The Resources They Have Available

With larger legal firms you are likely to see a whole support team working with and for the lawyer who is representing you which might mean you do not always speak to or meet the same person. With a smaller firm, you are likely to meet only with the principle lawyer.

With this in mind consider if you have a preference in terms of how any legal firm you employ for your business operates, then you obviously go with that, otherwise it may be a more practical decision based on your budget and the size of your business.

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