What Makes a Brand Memorable Ways to Increase Your Brand Power

What Makes a Brand Memorable? Ways to Increase Your Brand Power

If you want to attract new customers, and retain existing ones, a clear way to do it is to have a memorable brand. That applies to almost any industry from professional services to household trades. This can be illustrated in a simple way: a ‘generic’ company that does not have a memorable brand will be known as ‘the accountant’ or ‘that lawyer we used that time.’

In contrast, a company that has a memorable brand will be referred to by its specific name or using a more familiar term showing trust and partnership like ‘my landscaping guy’ or ‘our marketing agency’.

So how do you go from generic to memorable? Here are some of the best ways to do it.

Go Online Where Your Customers Are

Not all social media is created equal. Too many general articles on the internet or from ‘social media consultants’ will basically tell you to get on every single platform from Twitter and LinkedIn to TikTok and Instagram and to publish on all of them regularly.

That is not realistic. Not only are there over half a dozen ‘major’ platforms now, but they are also not all suited to the same goals. Rather than a ‘spray and pray’ approach, it pays to tailor your approach.

Spend some time on each platform to understand what would work best for your business. Builders and renovators are well suited to Instagram with clear visual content such and ‘before and after’ posts. On the other hand, if you’re in professional services then LinkedIn and Facebook are probably better suited to written blog posts explaining ideas or changes that affect your target customer.

Consistent Branding

This sounds obvious but is something a lot of businesses get wrong. You’ve probably got a single logo. But do you have consistent brand colours? How about a tag line? A style guide for how your brand messages should look in print ads and online?

These things are little details but add up to big effects. Every time a customer sees your logo, writing or branding, it should be a little bit of a reinforcement for your overall brand. The biggest brands are the best examples of this with multinationals like Coca Cola and McDonalds looking the same not only across Australia, but across the world.

The consistent, repeated efforts on branding pay off in the long term, and it’s something that even the smallest business can start doing.

Real World

What do you remember better: a Facebook ad or the last party you went to? Another strategy to be truly memorable is to have ‘real world’ reminders for your customers. For this kind of thing, events are hard to beat. It could be putting together a local Christmas party for residents or businesses or hosting a monthly or quarterly networking meet up. Events plus solid branding can go a long way to making you and your business memorable.

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