5 Essential Actions For Your Building Company's Website SEO

5 Essential Actions For Your Building Company’s Website SEO

If you hope to benefit from the significant amounts of traffic that is sent to websites that rank at the top of Google then you need to ensure that all the necessary SEO is in place as it relates to your new home building company’s website. The advice of SEO consultants is that this can be broken down into offsite SEO and onsite SEO.

Offsite is any SEO activities that take place away from your website, and it often relies in being able to create business relationships with other website owners. This can lead to you being able to implement a content marketing campaign whereby you post content on their websites,. This then forms part of your backlinking strategy and allows you to benefit from the high authority and popularity of those larger, established websites.

Onsite SEO obviously relates to your own website, and one aspect of this which is different from offsite SEO is that you do not need anyone’s permission to take any action, simply due to the fact you have, or at least you should have, complete control over your own site. There are many ways in which you can approach your onsite SEO, but we would advise that you take it one step at a time to ensure each individual SEO action is completed successfully.

To make it even easier we are going to highlight 5 actions that you should take whilst implementing your onsite SEO.

Conduct An SEO Audit On Your Website

In order to determine how much SEO you need to implement you need to know what is already in place, so you need to conduct an SEO audit of your website. With this, you are checking metadata, keyword usage, content quality, page load speeds, and links within your website. From these results, you can determine what has to be created, what to remove, and what needs to be optimised.

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