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Start Your Business
Starting a new business in Bassendean? Get informed and connected. Check out our information for start ups.
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Improve Your Business
Grow your business in Bassendean. Build skills, networks and strategy. Check out our information for established businesses.

Move Your Business
Considering moving your business to Bassendean? You are welcome here. Check out our information for businesses on the move.

Live, Work & Learn in Bassendean
Bassendean is a beautiful place to live, to grow a business and to raise a family.

This is a place you can breathe. It is green, close to the river, and is a connected community.

Business Programs
Engage People
Volunteering Opportunities
Participation in volunteering builds employee engagement. It helps recruit and retain younger employees. It boosts your business reputation in the Bassendean community.

Get Involved
Improve Your Business
Productivity & Coaching
How can you make your business more productive? Learn how to solve business problems faster. Build a network. Achieve success.

Self-coaching and self-mentoring groups help you build your skills and business connections.

Get Connected
Digital Awareness
Profit from advances in technology
How can digital tools and services help make your business more successful? Learn about new digital services and how you can apply them to your business.

Learn independently or connect with other businesses through opt-in workshops.

Get Coached
Business Friendly
Easy Access to Information
Get the inside story. Businesses can book a free 30 minute consultation with the Economic Development Officer to get answers to questions about new ideas, planning, permits or other matters.

Get Informed

Data, statistics & facts
Understand the vision for business in the Town of Bassendean.
Build your business based on the facts. The Town of
Bassendean has statistics and data to help you plan your business.

Digital Academy
Digital learning & qualifications
Just as digital technologies are transforming opportunities for business, they are also transforming opportunities for individuals. The Town of Bassendean aims to help residents access digital resources to gain new qualifications and become lifelong learners.

Local communities worldwide are discovering the business benefits of localism and Bassendean is fully embracing it.

“Locally owned businesses are by far the most significant contributors to a commnity’s jobs, social equality, sustainability, and a dozen other indicators of success.”
Michael Shuman

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